Don’t Fret!

Me & Mom

Me & Mom

“Lord, you know the hopes of the helpless. Surely you will hear their cries and comfort them” (Psalm 17:10).

Don’t fret! Right, easier said than done. When facing a difficult situation, I tend to fret (worry or feel anxious). This is often my first reaction when fear sneaks in. Then as I recall God’s faithfulness, I gradually start to relax and peace comes.

Lying in my bed as a young child, I cried out in deep sorrow. I missed my mother, who passed away when I was seven. No one saw my tears in the dark of the night, I thought. That is until I mysteriously sensed a loving hand reach down and hold me close. This is the best way to describe my first realization of God. I continue to miss my mom, but I now recognize my Heavenly Father who faithfully comforts me with His loving presence.

Trusting the unseen hand of God “in the dark of the night” requires a steadfast faith in God’s goodness and an unquenchable desire for the Word of God.

Holding His Hand

“Suffering is unbearable if you aren’t certain that God is for you and with you.” – Timothy Keller’s book: Walking with God through Pain and Suffering.

I have found that journaling helps me recall God’s faithfulness in my life. Whenever I face a difficult situation, I’ll pick up one of my journals and read how God has been faithful over and over again throughout the years.


About Jeff & Charmé

Over the past several years, I've (Charmé) written blog posts about my greatest passion--intentionally passing my faith in Christ to the next generation, beginning with our family. I've been married to Jeff forever! We love spending time with our three children, six grandchildren, two son-in-laws, and our rabbit-chasing beagle, Pepper. Jeff and I are blessed to have served as pastor and wife for twenty years at four Nazarene churches. In June 2019, we prayerfully stepped away from pastoral assignment so that we could spend more time with our family (especially our grandchildren), and to serve the LORD wherever He leads us. We are passionate about living for Jesus and helping others do the same. Realizing that we are living in a world that desperately needs a Savior, it is our desire to come along side of families and churches by providing resources that will strengthen and equip parents, grandparents, and families live out their faith in Christ in their homes and everywhere they go. Covenant Heirs provides this blog site along with a speaking ministry to help encourage and equip parents, grandparents, and others to intentionally live a life of faithfulness to God, so that the next generation will know God, love God, and follow His commands. Please contact us at if you are interested in learning more about us and our ministry. Holding His Hand blog (2016) is dedicated to my mom, Audrey Lewis, who learned to trust in Jesus during her battle with cancer. This blog testifies to God's amazing love and provision in our lives.
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